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Why don’t medics rush at a crash scene?


 8th February, 2019 by Mark Hinchliffe 

If you’ve ever been a witness at a motorcycle crash scene you may have noticed that medics do not seem to be in any rush.

There are several very good reasons for the calm and almost painstakingly slow attitude of first responders at a crash scene.

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Fear of liability may prevent first aid for crashed riders


13th February, 2019 by Mark Hinchliffe 

Crash witnesses are sometimes too scared of being sued to provide first-aid or assistance to crashed riders, says paramedic Michael Beak of First Bike on the Scene Australia

“There is a lot of misinformation about the legalities of helping a crash victim on social media,” he says.

“I put in a lot of effort to reassure people during my courses that the chances of being sued is virtually zero.”

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