First Bike on Scene Australia

First Bike on Scene Australia is registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and is a Division and trading name of Voodoo Medicine Pty Ltd.

What is First Bike on Scene

Developed in the UK & now available in Australia


The First Bike on Scene course was originally developed by paramedics working in the North West Ambulance Service (UK) back in 2003/4. 

Due to the nature of their work and being bikers themselves, they realised the need for a medical emergency care course appropriate to the needs of injured motorcyclists.

As of 2014, FBoS UK Ltd has taken over the programme. Only instructors approved by FBoS UK Ltd may be licensed to provide this course.

First Bike on Scene Australia is the Approved provider of the Course for and within Australia.

The Course

The course starts with some theory but is predominantly practical based. A total of 5 skills are taught, of which 3 will be formally assessed.


Once the learners are comfortable with their newly acquired skills, further practise is given by means of scenarios, combining all of these skills.

Following a successful skills assessment, as laid out by the North West Ambulance Service, you will receive a certificate of competency. It is issued by the Quality Casualty Care Alliance, UK. Each certificate has a unique ID Number and is valid for 3 years.

The Program

  • Safe approach and management of an accident scene
  • Airway Management
  • Injury Assessment
  • Management of head and neck (c-spine) injuries
  • Control of Bleeding
  • Recognition of catastrophic Bleeding
  • Safe helmet removal. Should You?, When to & How to.
  • Log Roll
  • Trauma CPR

* The First Bike on Scene Course is a non-accredited course within the Australian Vocational Training Framework. Components of our program may be Nationally recognised. Full details of accreditation and recognition is contained within individual Program descriptions.


First Bike on Scene Australia

Specific Motorcycle First Aid Training delivered only by Registered Paramedics

Traditional First Aid courses only provide limited if any information specific to Motorcycle related trauma. They also presume that Emergency Services are generally within 20 minutes of an incident.

A large portion of Motorcycle incidents occur greater than 20 minutes from the closest available Emergency First Responders and by the nature of incidents the potential for serious or significant injury is higher than in other activities.

First Bike on Scene (FBoS) was developed to fill training gaps for Motorcycle Enthusiasts.

As a professional Paramedic and First Responder our Director and Principal Trainer Michael has responded to multiple motorcycle related incidents over his long career. 

As a First Aid Trainer, Michael is acutely aware of the training shortfalls, relating to trauma, within traditional First Aid Courses. 

After searching the Planet, he came across First Bike on Scene UK Ltd, made contact, liked the program and First Bike on Scene Australia was born in early 2018.

What sets First Bike on Scene apart from other Courses or Providers

First Bike on Scene: Emergency Response Skills is delivered ONLY by Registered Operational Paramedics.

This guarantees that you will be taught skills that are evidence based medicine, worlds best practice and that comply to Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) Guidelines.

Paramedics are the undeniable experts when it comes to pre hospital emergency care. It's what they train for, it's what they do for the duration of their operational career.

If you want the most comprehensive Motorcycle First Aid Training available in Australia, you've found it, First Bike on Scene, Australia's premier emergency casualty care training provider.

The Team


Director & Principal Trainer


Michael is an operational Paramedic with a State Ambulance Service. During his 25 years he has been stationed at rural, remote and metropolitan locations. This has given him a unique insight into the challenges faced when responding to incidents, with only limited resources available and sometimes long distances from Hospital.

Michael has served in the Army Reserve for almost 10 years as a Medic and now a Combat Paramedic. This experience has given him an excellent grounding in Trauma and Tactical Casualty Care. A duty of his current posting is to provide training and mentoring to both Reserve and Regular Army Soldiers in Army First Aid and Care of the Battlefield Casualty. Both these programs gave him the opportunity to hone his craft and started his journey to becoming an expert in trauma and haemorrhage care.

Michael is currently completing a Graduate Certificate in Tactical Medicine and a Graduate Diploma in Critical Care Paramedicine. Both of these qualifications will add to his extensive academic qualifications and short courses in Paramedics, Tactical Medicine and Pre-Hospital Trauma Care.

Michael was born into motorcycling family. Both his Dad and Uncle found success within the amateur ranks of Road Racing and Scrambles in the 60's and 70's. In the mid 80's, the Golden Age of Australian Road Racing, Michael began road racing first in the 250 Production category and later Historic road racing. Plus a brief stint as a monkey on a Formula 750 historic road race sidecar where they won 3rd in the State Title for the year. Following mixed success as a "C" grader, racing eventually gave way to Family commitments and a career in the Ambulance Service.

Currently mounted on a VFR750F, he recently introduced his 4 year old son to the joys of dirt biking. The family tradition is once more repeating itself as his eldest two boys began their love of everything motorcycling at Christmas 2004 when there was a KDX50 and PW80 under the  Christmas tree.

As you would expect Michael has attended his fair share of Motorcycle accidents during 25 year Paramedic career, so he is acutely and personally aware of the need for enhanced and specialised First Aid Training for motorcyclists and their supporters. 

First Bike on Scene is his opportunity to give back to the people and life style he grew up with. It is through First Bike on Scene he can support First Care Providers and continue to build an Army of Citizen Heroes. 

Because "First There, First Care".