The First Bike on Scene (FBoS) Course  is an internationally approved First Aid Course offering essential lifesaving skills to motorcyclists.

The FBoS course has been specifically designed to provide the knowledge and skills needed 

to deal with the initial management of a motorcyclist involved in a crash or incident.

If you want the ultimate First Aid Training Program tailored toward Motorcyclists, you have come to the right place.

The First Bike on Scene (FBoS), Australia: Standard Program includes;

First Bike on Scene Certificate, Internationally accredited & issued by First Bike on Scene UK,

HLTAID001 Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, Nationally recognised & issued by Allens Training Pty Ltd RTO#90909, plus

Bleeding Control Basics, Internationally recognised & issued by the American College of Surgeons (Committee on Trauma).

If you want the most comprehensive Motorcycle specific First Aid Training in the Country,

delivered only by Registered Paramedics, 

Then you've found it.

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The First Bike on Scene Course


The First Bike on Scene course was originally developed by Paramedics working in the North West Ambulance Service (UK) back in 2003/4. 

Due to the nature of their work and being bikers themselves, they realised the need for a medical emergency care course appropriate to the needs of injured motorcyclists.

So in the unfortunate event of witnessing a motorcycle accident you will benefit from the emergency response skills and knowledge imparted on this course.

By learning an appropriate strategy for dealing with an accident scene, it is our hope that it may  give you the confidence to make a difference to some ones life.

The FBoS Course is Accredited in the UK 

FBoS is a Non-Accredited Australian Course

What you'll Learn


  • Safe approach and management of an accident scene
  • Airway Management
  • Injury Assessment
  • Management of head and neck (c-spine) injuries
  • Control of Bleeding
  • Recognition of catastrophic Bleeding
  • Safe helmet removal in special circumstances
  • Log Roll
  • Trauma CPR

And you don't need any previous First Aid Training to complete the course.

Learn from the Pro's


The course is developed and delivered by Professional Paramedics with experience of motorcycle related collisions.

The skills you will learn are based on clinical evidence and focus on achieving the most with the limited resources available to you at the time.

First Bike on Scene, a True International Training Program

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Even Isle of Man TT Superstars see the value in attending the FBoS Program

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Definitely a must do course in the States, given they ride on the wrong side of the road. Just Saying

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Basic Steps in an Emergency Situation

Image courtesy First Care Provider Foundation.

In any Emergency Situation you need to RACE to Save a Life

Doing nothing or waiting for Help is not a Plan!

YOU need to be that HELP, until HELP arrives.

Step 1. R = REACT

Recognise an Emergency and DO SOMETHING

Remove any DANGERS

Step up and Step in, Take charge,

Use any First Aid training that you've received.

Begin your immediate Action Plan;


Manage and Control DANGERS

Step 2. A = ACTIVATE

Get immediate HELP!

Grab Friends, Bystanders, other road users.

ACTIVATE The Emergency Services.  Dial 000

Step 3. C = CARE

Care for the Injured

  • Consider the potential for a spinal cord injury.
  • Manage LIFE threatening haemorrhage.
  • Protect and Secure the patients Airway.
  • Assist the patients Breathing.
  • Deal with other injuries.
  • Protect them from the elements. Keep them Warm.

*Helmet Removal.

If the patients helmet is obstructing their Airway or preventing haemorrhage control to the head, it should be removed. This is in line with Australian Resuscitation Councils Guidelines.

Helmet Removal

Step 4. E = EVACUATE

How will the patient get to Hospital?

Think about where you are?

  • Will the Emergency Services be able to find you quickly and easily?
  • Do Emergency Services need any specialist equipment?
  • Can Emergency Services access the patient easily once they arrive?
  • Does the patient need a Rescue Helicopter? Where can it land?

Once you have the answer to these and any other questions, make sure the Emergency Services are informed. The more information they receive before the First Responders arrive the sooner additional or specialist teams and equipment can be despatched.

Infographic courtesy of the First Care Provider Foundation

The content is the intellectual property of the US First Care Provider Foundation. The only amendment is the inclusion of 000. First Care Provider Australia is an initiative inspired by the US First Care Provider Foundation, created to deliver FREE Bleeding Control Training to the Australian public.

First Care Provider Australia


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